Welcome To Best Dolls™ ...

Founded in 2003 by the artist Ruddey Waters, BestDoll presents a range of highly realistic dolls equipped with the latest technologies up-to-date.

The newly integrated heating system permits the body temperature of your doll to 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degrees Celsius), for a touch and sensation even more real.

All of our models are constructed with the new R.H.S.-V3 silicone that was developed especially for our company. It allows us to obtain a very soft skin that is not sticky and creates a sensation of both internal and external human tissue.

All the forms of the body including the intimate parts of a woman are exact replicas. The up-to-date technology and the exceptional realism of our dolls permits us to create feminine models made for personal use, photography, medicine and cinema.

After two years of development, we present the new collection, containing many novelties as well as favorable options.

Choosing a body separate from the face

Interchangeable faces

Decrease in weight

Two new bodies

New R.H.S.-V4-2012 silicone

Even more supple breasts and buttocks

New Standard model at an attractive price

Thanks, Ruddey Waters

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